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graphic sound animation

titre:creation d'animations sonores

From an animated picture or not , AND an audio file mp3 ou mid, this page proposes an animation with sound, in mht, which is readeable by most of browsers.

Any music, or song or picture or photograph , and any of its physical representation device is consisered as author's intellectual property and must'n be used and propaged on to Internet without its or producer's or network Artist's ministry's agreement.
So, the user has to use a mp3 or mid or picture or photography , which is more than 70 years old ( now belongs to public domain) , or from it's own design, or royalty free labelled .

This site is designed to be technical, and thus doesn't deliver any mp3 or mid or picture to user.


First Step: Loading picture (jpg, jpeg, png, gif)

Animated or not picture' s weight must be underneath 3000k


Second Step:loading music (mid, wav, wma ou mp3)

mp3 or wav sound file must be underneath 7 megas



Patience, it's impossible (nowadays) to load a 4 megas file in less than a second!