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Simple resizing
Chosen resizing
Modify animated gif
Create animated gif
graphic sound animation

Animation NEW: effect THUNDERSTORM gif animation from one picture
It's the first step: look for your picture gif,png ou jpeg


You can create your animated gif, in some clicks, very simply, on http://reduction-image.com/gif-creation/

A forum, visible on http://reduction-image.com/miniforum/, For your comments, suggestions, tips that will not fit, problems after upgrading, your image studying general issues .

Now you can tag your gifs in order to copyright for example (for protect them), or simply write a text.

presentation0   presentation1
Special effects: Pop Art , Andy Warhol style 1.

Automatic resizing
Very easy to use. You can enlarge or reduce your gif 2 times, 3 times, one half, one third ie ... Your gif will keep its proportions.


Manual resizing . In pixels. Useful when a forum or other wants to define
maximal dimensions to your gif. By example, if you want an image 100 pixels wide and 200 pixels
high, you fill the 2 boxes width and height.

Text for gif is optional. Useful if you want to protect your gif.

NEW : For AVATARS , you often need to get maximum size
pixels for your forums or other website.
Assuming that a forum wants tour picture a maximum size of 200 pixels, very simple,
you enter this value OR in the Width , OR in the Height box, never mind, but
not in
both , oh !!!!. The proportional calculations are directly made
. Nice, hum?




Special effects (rotation, turning horizontal or vertical division of the image, black and white image, metallization, pseudo morphing, gray levels , acceleration, deceleration, weight reduction ) :



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